Popular Hatchback Cars

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Hatch back cars are the best selling cars in the UK. They are designed to meet the requirements of the majority of motorists. The luggage space in these cars can be integrated with the passenger cabins so as to increase the luggage space. They are affordably priced, offer better mileage and require low maintenance. They are perfect for a drive in the heavy traffic. As there is fierce competition, manufacturers are introducing various useful features to persuade people to buy hatchback cars.

Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Renalt Megane, Vauxhall Astra, Audi A3 and BMW 1 series are some of the most popular Hatchback cars in the UK market.

Volkswagen Golf is one of the best hatchback cars.It is refined and comfortable to drive. It has received a five star rating in the EuroNcap result. The cabin of this car is elegant and handy. It has lots of safety features which include the seven airbags, brake assist, electronic differential lock, ISOFIX child seat anchor points and traction control. The 1.4 litre TSI engine in the Golf is powerful, clean and economical. Comfort is one of the biggest priorities hence the best advantage of this car. The wing mirrors in the Golf have been reshaped to make it more aerodynamic. New door seals and thicker window glasses also help to enjoy a quiet and relaxed driving experience on the road.

The Ford Focus is a competitively priced car that gives an excellent driving experience. The new suspension system of these cars helps the front wheels to gain traction. Its sharp handling and steering are appreciated by many drivers and it is very quiet in operation. It features a superb layout that makes driving more easy and comfortable.

If you like a quiet, relaxing drive, a Renault Megane will definitely be the car for you. Its improved quality and refinement make it an excellent option for sophisticated consumers. It is affordable and emits lower carbon dioxide than many other models. It has many safety features that protect the car and its occupants.

The Vauxhall Astra is one of the most popular hatchback cars in the European market. It has a vibrant and fresh appearance and the cabin is built with superior quality plastics that ensure long lasting performance. The classy, roomy cabin is the highlight point of this car. It comes with a total of six airbags, anti lock brakes, ESP and many other safety features.

The Audi 3 is a stylish hatchback car featuring a curvy exterior and some pleasant optional features like LED highlights, Alloy wheels, CD player, air conditioning, alarm and heated mirrors. Though the darkened interior roof makes it look a bit less roomy, it offers plenty of space. Audi is renowned for reliability.

The BMW 1 series hatchback car is a compact, yet a very spacious vehicle. Its unmistakable face and edgy looks attracts many car lovers. It is made of high quality plastics and offers plenty of room for the passengers as well as drivers. This car too comes with six airbags and features a puncture warning system.

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