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Different Types of Glassware

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Glassware: The Most Important Part Of A Dinner Party

If you’re hosting a dinner party we understand that attention to detail means everything. Glassware is a vital part of a perfect evening so the right style and size must be chosen carefully.

These days thereis a huge range of glassware in many different styles, from tall champagne flutes to small hiball glasses there is a huge range to choose from. Glassware can add style to any evening or party, so make sure you choose wisely.  

Crystal glass is an ideal option for the more formal evening as it offers style and elegance. Traditionally, crystal glassware is the ideal choice if champagne is served. Also for celebratory occasions, there is the champagne flute. The champagne flute is a stemmed glass with a tall, narrow bowl. Sparkling wines look their best in such glasses which have the added advantage that one can hold the glass without warming up the drink inside. The smooth surface also affects bubble formation and taste of bubbles in the mouth.

One of the highlights of glassware is the kind of variety it offers to the buyer. At most parties, there is a variety of drinks to choose from, and there is a range of glassware to suit. There is a type of glass for every type of drink, from champagne flutes to whisky glasses. For example there is the Port glassware range. This type of glassware is specially designed to serve port, in a stylish and easy way. The port wine glassware can be as tall as 15cm in height.

Glassware is easily available on the internet. There is a wide range of different glassware at a variety of prices so you can easily find the glassware to suit whatever you need it for. Glassware is regarded as important if you’re hosting a dinner party so choosing the right type is of upmost importance. Make sure that you have the perfect glassware for your next event. Take a look at the wide range of glassware at Crosbys.

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