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Inserting Existing Reports Into Main Reports

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You can create a sub report in two ways. Both start out with a report that you want to be the main report. You can designate any report to be the main report. • To add a sub report, you can cither insert a report that you already designed and saved somewhere on your network or PC, or you can create a brand new report’ for the sole purpose of being the sub report in the main report.

SCR lies a Sub report Expert. This Expert walks you through creating a standard report just like the Standard Report Expert; the only difference is that it has a Sub report tab. This Sub report tab is just another Standard Re­port Expert and has the exact same options and functionality as the menu command Insert,- Sub report. The steps in this chapter’ describe inserting the sub report from a custom report, not using the Expert, in order to demon­strate where to find the sub report buttons and functionality. Creating Your First Seagate Crystal Report, for more information re­garding Report Experts and the Sub report Expert in particular.

To insert an existing report .into a main report as a sub report, do the following)

1. Have the main report open in the Design tab. >

2. Click Insert, Sub report, or use the Sub report button found on the supple­mental toolbar.

3. The Insert Sub report dialog box opens. On the Sub report tab, select

Choose a Report.

4. After you select Choose a Report, the Browse button becomes available. Browse your computer or network to locate the report you want to ‘ use as the sub report.


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