Gossips: Miley Cyrus And Billy Ray Not Speaking

Sounds like not everything is just fine between Miley Cyrus and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, especially since he made some pretty harsh comments in an interview with ‘GQ.’

It is being reported that Miley and Billy Ray haven’t been speaking for some time and the interview has only made the situation worse, states PopEater. Miley reportedly cannot believe that he would attack the ‘Hannah Montana’ show when he went years without saying a thing about it as it made millions for them.

Miley allegedly has no plans to get in touch with her father and feels that if he wants to talk to her, he can take the first step and reach out.

What do you think about this relationship?

I agree David about making up. Miley what if Heaven forbid that your dad drops dead tomorrow how are you really going to feel.
Maybe he did say things that you thought wasn’t true or didn’t like he still your father talking is the only way to clear the air.
Although I don’t believe that Miley’s little infraction in life make her a totally evil person she is young and will make many more mistake in life just as everyone else on this blog will, no ones perfect.

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