Hoodia Gordonii – The Best Weight Loss Remedy Around!

The San people of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa first used this plant centuries ago. Their hunting trips were long and arduous, sometimes keeping them away from home for days at a time. By chewing on the Hoodia Gordonii plant, and drinking the juice, they not only quenched their thirst, but were also able to stave off their hunger for all the time that they were away from home.

Extensive studies have been carried out as to the efficacy of this amazing plant. Some of these studies involved really obese people who were given Hoodia over a certain period of time. Some of these people were able to reduce their calorie intake by as much as 50%, which of course, resulted in a significant weight loss.

These amazing results have prompted one major company to invest millions into pursuing further extensive research into the plant. Their hope is to reduce the high number of extremely unhealthy, obese people that are found in all corners of the world. Hoodia Gordonii is available in a variety of forms to help those wanting to lose weight.

Hoodia Gordonii Tablets

These are really easy to take, and give astounding results. It is a simple matter of taking a tablet twenty to thirty minutes before you eat. By the time you sit down to your meal, the tablet is already working. After eating, your body will believe that it has had ample food, and the risk of you eating anymore than you should is avoided completely.

Hoodia Gordonii Capsules

Also taken orally, they produce the exact same amazing results as the tablets. After just thirty minutes of taking the capsules you will feel the effect it has on you – your appetite will be greatly reduced. This will by no means stop you from eating altogether, but will make you less enthusiastic about eating things that you shouldn’t be eating, because you just won’t feel like eating them.

Also, when you sit down to eat your meal, you will feel satisfied faster than you usually do, which means no more overeating at the dinner table. Taken regularly, the capsules will have you losing on average, about one pound every three days.

Hoodia Gordonii in Patch Form

These have the same effect as the tablets but are administered differently. All you do is put a patch onto your skin and the Hoodia does the rest. It will be absorbed into your skin and go directly to your blood stream where it will reduce your appetite in the same way as the tablet. The patches are very handy for people who are unable to take tablets, or who are prone to forgetting to take them.

Hoodia Gordonii Gel

This form of Hoodia is for external use only. Apply 5ml of pure Hoodia gel to the skin approximately 25 minutes before you eat. Like the patches, it will be absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin, and give you the same fantastic results.

Hoodia Gordonii Tincture

This is yet another form of weight loss remedy from this amazing plant with the same fantastic results. To be taken before meals, it is a simple matter of adding the tincture to whatever beverage you are drinking with your meal, and it will do the job.

Although Hoodia Gordonii is 100% pure, it is advisable to consult your doctor first, if you are pregnant or lactating, or have a chronic illness.

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