Sunday, December 17

When Love Finally Finds Its Home in You

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The feeling of love sometimes become too great that it overwhelms us. We all have experienced love at some point in our lives, for sure..Some were delighted by it, others hurt. But despite the latter, people still willingly choose to love. It is because the joy that loving brings surpasses the pain that the same love causes. 

I’m overwhelmed by it now… it feels good to be consumed by love… knowing that you’re capable of trusting someone so much that you invest almost everything just to witness that love blossom. You put your heart into that person’s hands believing, hoping that he”ll handle it with care. It feels good to love. It brings life to the life you live every single day. And what about the hurts? Yes,they happen. Almost every time. They’re inevitable. But if the Love is real, it is suppose to heal all hurts that it also caused. It is suppose to assure you that everything’s going to be just fine. 🙂

We’ve hurt people and have been hurt by people. And it amazes me how one can still wholly give love to a person. And just a realization that dawned on me on this cold night: If you find that person who is able to erase all the pain, all fears, all doubts.. if you find that one person who calls you beautiful even if you’ve just awaken and haven’t washed your face; that person who smells you when you’re sweating like a pig; that person who never raises his voice even if you’ve pushed him to his limits; that one who kisses your forehead in front of his family; the one who takes time just to let you know how you’ve inspired him despite the nagging pressures at work; the one who answers his phone when you call him in the middle of a bad dream; that one who cuddles you when the traffic light turns red or the one who holds your hand even when the traffic’s crazy; that person who opens the door of the car for you even when the rain is pouring so hard..

Hmmmm i could go on and on and never run out of good things that this person does for me… This person who has shown me so much love, this person who NEVER fails to make me FEEL loved EVERY SINGLE DAY; this person who so naturally puts a smile on my face when my mood is fluctuating like an unstable blood pressure! Hmmm this person who has shown me, proved me and made me believe that unselfish love do exist… This person who gave back my HEART and made me realize that yes, it is OK to cry… This person whom I KNOW, i will forever love and cherish – if forever really does exist., or more realistically, until my heart stops beating.


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