Four Attractive Traits in Men You Must Have to Attract Women

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Women, no matter what’s their social background, ethnicity or culture want these attractive traits in men. For her it means that he can protect her and challenge the world for her, which can be very exciting for a woman. How can a man trigger this feeling in a woman and how can he make her feel that she is in the presence of a powerful man?

The simple idea of bringing power to light in this subject will refer to very unpleasant events that happened in the life of many of us men.

Many of us were bullied while kids, either by a stranger of a family member.

This is not the power I’m discussing here.

The power I want to deal with is a constructive one. A power which make people feel secure and let them become what they want to be around you, no fear involved.

How can you trigger this feeling in women?

There are many causes; here I’m going to sight four main ones that worked for me every time.

·         The first one is your body language?

It must reflect power.

You do this by paying careful attention to two essential part of your body.

The first one: your eyes.

To reflect power, you must keep your eye contact for as long as it takes with women.

A woman tend to be very challenging to men, especially if she has a high self-esteem, those are by the way the most desirable ones.

If you break your eye contact with her, she will dismiss you automatically and you won’t be given a second chance with her.

Train yourself in front of a mirror; learn to look into people’s eyes when talking to them to establish these attractive traits in men.

The second one is your body posture, it must show interest but at the same time power.

You do this by not leaning forward too often.

Get your body into a relaxed and calm position, face the woman you are dealing with and mirror her movements.

·         The second trigger that will send the message of powerfulness to a woman is: silence.

Many of you will consider this to be a minor issue, but I’ve tried it over and over, women respond to it very positively.

It should not be a random silence, don’t get me wrong here, I don’t want you to become speechless around her, instead, you should use silence in the following manner:

Whenever she finishes speaking, take some seconds to answer back.

Yes, that’s the silence I’m referring to, don’t delay it for long.

Women will highly appreciate you for doing this.

It will send them the message that you considered what they’ve said very wisely and anything you will say afterword will sound very powerful.

Give it a try, you won’t believe the results and you will be acquiring these attractive traits in men very rapidly.

·         The third point is: be a leader.

Women are naturally attracted to leaders; use this to your advantage.

Decide for her often, take her hands when crossing, and demonstrate that you take charge of the situation.

My last point is: help others.

This may be very strange to most of you, but again it will show power to not only women but to all other people around you.

If you see a person that needs assistance, don’t wait, go ahead and help.

Carlyle once said: “A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men.”, now that you know these four attractive traits in men, you can start making any woman feel secured and thus attracted to you, but you must visit my website to get another piece of the attraction puzzle, it’s called: looking attractive


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