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We know it’s common for the computer break “capriciously” and show incomprehensible messages. However, do not despair because you can prevent problems.

There is no magic formula for Windows to stop definitely hangs (in fact, the crashes are typical of any operating system). However, it is possible to reduce the number of interruptions and solve problems.

Difficulties in the Home

Before a crash on startup without an error message, no clues on what may be happening, why it is appropriate to restart in Safe mode of failure, running Microsoft System Configuration (MSConfig) and disable programs that are activated in this instance (found on the Home tab, always in MSConfig).

Then re-enable one by one, all programs, to see which prevents startup. If the procedure does not work, go back to faults Safe Mode, run MSConfig again and in the General tab, click Selective Startup.

There, disable the execution of autoexec.bat and config.sys. If after implementing this alternative is possible to restart successfully, the problem is a line of the aforementioned files.

The crash also can throw an error message (which is an indication of the problem). In almost all scenarios, the problem is usually caused by two types of VXD (virtual Windows drivers).

Problems with applications

Also known as invalid page faults, these problems manifest themselves in large part, through a dialog box that accuses an illegal operation in a module. These modules can be created with the program or Windows. It is simple to differentiate, but do not forget that the Details button shows the name of the file in question (almost 99 percent of these errors occurs in a DLL).

The failure may be due to a memory error (to fix this, simply restart the application), the presence of corrupt or damaged files (they must be replaced from the source installation) or the famous “inconsistencies.” In the latter case, disable them one by one the programs that are running, while trying to run the software problem. Only necessary Explorer and Sys Tray for Windows to run, so if these applications are the only ones that are running and the crash persists, the problem is Windows.

General Protection Faults

A General Protection Fault (GPF) or the dreaded “blue screen of death” means that an application running is trying to use RAM allocated for use. Generally, in this case, one can only restart the computer. However, if failure is repeated constantly and under the same circumstances, try to locate the source of the problem. To do this, start by cleaning a bit, i.e., delete temporary files (by hand or with the tool Disk).

If this does not solve anything, check for low disk space, from My Computer, right click on the drive where Windows is installed, If this is not the problem, clear protective screen outside the operating system. Then run Scandisk to rule out disk errors.

Hardware problems basically, two problems usually affect the hardware: the allocation of interrupt (IRQ) misconfigured or shared with a device that does not permit and drivers.

When you have suspicions about a newly installed device, check the Device Manager, which is capable of showing the connection devices by IRQ. Make sure there none share the same number. Otherwise, change the settings (double click it and go to the Resources tab.)

Because Windows can not change the resources in many new devices, it is sometimes inevitable to have to configure by hand into the Bios of the motherboard (especially in teams the last three or four years).

As for the drivers, may have only one problem: they are poorly made. This leads to problems of stability within the operating system. The only solution is to hope that the manufacturer make new and improved versions.

Internet Resources

According to statistics, 75% of the problems with Windows happen to more than one person. The knowledge base similar to a web page form contains all the reports generated from these experiences and their solutions. There are plenty of online forums dedicated to Windows.

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