Wednesday, December 13

A Prophecy About Jesus

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Fairest spirit-begotten martyr!
Consecrated to do Father’s Will
Yet crucified,
But Holy Witness survives,
Saves the faithful from everlasting fire.
The enemies fortify & encircle
With pointed stakes
And distress from every side
Persecuting from city to city.
Who’d again bear the sins of many?
Look out!
Beware of Messiahs self-styled,
Endure to the end
To feel His parousia
And you’d be saved.
Ah! God’s shepherd, so loving, so near1
O! dawn that moment
When I experience the Cross
Soon, yes, very soon,
This very moment

Let St Paul, Teresa, Francis
Bathe my spirits in ecstasy.
O David’s son, wiser than Solomon!
Save the world from bioterrorism:

Don’t tarry, don’t be shy to intrude

For my planet in pain.
Soothe my dreams, O Christ!
I’ll defend you against Pilate
And won’t be perverse
Like two thousand years ago,
O my Lord!
Assaulted by terror shameless
Heavens have lost their benign appearance.
“And the heavens will be shaken.”*
Will Earth be entitled ‘The Late Earth?’
No, God won’t permit this,
Never allow Earth void of all life.
The Son of God ‘d come on the clouds of heaven
And the planet won’t pass away,
Nor brought to ruin.
O Time, I hope
He is near at the doors:
Deliverance is at hand,
Death-dealing system will crumble
And new system open up.

* Matthew 24: 29


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