Friday, December 15

Why Should Western Companies Outsource Software Development to India?

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Software designers, programmers, developers, and other professionals are scrambling on all IT segments. Eastern countries are banking on their resources — a huge skilled pool — to envisage a developed IT world for themselves and for this world to be come a reality, western countries have been providing constant support. Though the west is serving itself by reducing costs through offshoring practices, it is a blessing in disguise for most of the Asian countries.
Software development is a cumbersome task in itself. It requires great expertise in the relevant programming languages on the part of the maker. Hence software outsourcing to different offshore companies is cost effective and allows different domain companies to concentrate more on their core expertise.

40% of the Fortune 500 companies are strongly interested in the software outsourcing model because the approximate cost savings by adopting this model is at least in the range of 40% to 70%.

Offshore software outsourcing is not always the solution for each and every company who are diverting from their core services to satisfy their non-core operational mediums. The best approach is to find the niche requirement and then find a suitable solution. Proper synchronization between onshore and offshore team members is required so that clients get what they want and the software providers can enjoy a good rapport and continued business with them.

Though offshore software development centers are coming up hurriedly in India, “survival of the fittest” is the mantra for existence in this competitive market. One has to keep an eye on every minute development around one’s own company and constantly monitor competitor’s growth and stature. From traditional advertising to advanced internet-based advertising, many software development companies have tried to upgrade their popularity among the masses.

Offshore software development has undergone a drastic makeover due to the demand of cost-effective options for the west. Bespoke software development and web designing is also getting fantastic response in India. The country is literally transforming itself into an ideal IT hub which has prompted more and more companies to outsource software development to India.

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