The 10 Careers That Bring More Happiness in The U.s.

To arrive at this list, the site collected the evaluation of 200 000 professionals over 70 thousand jobs in the United States. In all, 1.6 million votes in nine factors of happiness at work. 

Among the criteria were reviewed with their bosses and colleagues, work environment, salary, opportunity for career growth and corporate culture, among others. 

1. Biotechnology 
The Americans decided to give the award for career that brings more happiness to biotechnology. The profession received a score of 3,275 in the nine search criteria. In the list of Career Bliss, professionals in this area indicated the relationship with his peers as the most important factor in their work. 
By combining concepts of engineering, technology and life sciences, career, relatively new, has a wide area of expertise. 
Biotechnology professionals can work on projects related to the sector for sustainable development in the pharmaceutical, food or even in agribusiness. 

2. Customer Service 
With a score of 3,180 in the survey, Americans who work in the area of customer service they reached the second position in the list. For them, control over one’s work is the most important point of the profession. 
The position of this career ranking surprised Matt Miller, CTO of Career Bliss, according to Forbes magazine. However, the expert explains the fact with the characteristics of their work in the department of customer service. 
Generally, he said, industry professionals are people who like to socialize and help others – that need is, perfectly, answered in this type of career. 

3. Education 
In third position in the ranking, is the education sector with a score of 3084 in the search.According to the study, industry professionals are the ones who value their daily tasks, like working with children. 
But that’s not what makes the teachers of early childhood sector U.S. happier. In the survey, they rated as the second most important point in their careers the way they did their own work. The relationship with colleagues is the third item of greatest satisfaction in the industry. 

4. Administration 
Act in the administrative sector of large enterprises also makes professional happier.Both the position reached the fourth position in the list of Career Bliss. In research, this type of job earned scores of 3066. 
One reason for such a positive assessment is the daily routine of professionals in the industry. According to the survey, this criterion is the most valued by those working in the administrative area. 

5. Procurement 
The power granted to professionals working in the procurement division of this career is the fifth to bring more joy to their employees. In research, the sector earned scores of 3065. 
According to the organizers of the survey, permeated by the routine negotiations and decisions linked to business strategies bring a sense of satisfaction for the professionals. 

6. Accounting 
Score of 3059 in search, career in accounting is also high in Brazil. In the United States, the point of contentment goes to the fact that this is a strategic area within the company. 

7. Finance 
If other careers put an end to the idea that “money brings happiness,” the finance professionals do not believe that premise. With scores of 3,046, who works in this sector has bright eyes when the subject is money. 
Second search, the contentment with their work is connected to the power that the industry brings to her role. 
Vital for decision-making and responsible for much of the transactions, those working in the sector could not be happier. Also point to the competitive salaries that surround the industry. 

8. Nonprofits 
With scores of 3039, professionals from nonprofits admit contentment with their role. 
Reasons abound. According to research, in order of relevance, is the fact that control their daily tasks, relationships with coworkers and the type of activity you do each day.Everything under the justification of doing good to humanity. 

9. Health 
Caring for the health of others also brings happiness. At least, according to health professionals who gave a grade of 3,039 points for the sector. 

10. Law 
The competitive salary is the main factor behind the 3035 points awarded to the legal sector in research. But what makes lawyers and other professionals in the field of law goes beyond most pockets smiling more robust. 
Social recognition and prestige of the profession are also responsible for the happiness that packs the career professionals working in the industry, like the characters from the series The Good Wife (photo). Is there a clue to the motive that induces so many people cheering for you to do a law course at undergraduate level. 

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