Kiss Ways to Make Money Online

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Straightforward tips to Make Money Online 

  • Create a Blog. A lot of free web hosting out there to start your blog. I prefer using blogger for its easy to use and suitable for beginners. i do have experienced using wordpress but it was hard to integrate adsense and other widgets.

  • Post good content. As they say, content is king! well, it is really true. Post good content and original. Also, content that targets a lot of traffic. Use some software to search on high traffic keywords. Google insights is what am using.

  • Post often. The occurunce of posting is equal to how often google index your blog. If you post often, google robots crawl your site more often.

  • Advertise your blog. Do some linking. Links are wieghted for the popularity of your site. if many sites link to your website, google see your site as an authority. Do advertising by maximizing the use of social networks such as facebook, twitter, and so on. Integrate these networks so that you spread the news of having your site. More networks means more traffic.

  • Monetize your blog. Sign-up in google adsense. The best so far.

  • Congratz! You are now ready to conquer the world of online money-making.


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