Developing Effective Communication

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Effective communication is very worthy of your account in building your career. With good communication will certainly support any activities that we do the work. Moreover, when our work involves various forms of presentation, few-meetings, lobbying, counseling and other others. Field work as a presenter and similar communication is very much determined by how we communicate in conveying something.

Many factors can make what we will be more qualified to say. As mental readiness, mastery of materials, equipment and means of support other things. Sometimes you feel ‘nervous’ to reveal anything until you actually lose confidence even talks to be spinning.

Well in order to prepare ourselves better, not hurt us to learn basic tips below:

1. Use a sentence as effectively as possible

Describe the contents of the conversation with the sentence effectively and directly hit the target. Avoid disclosing the less relevant details, such as, “Earlier before heading to this place I met my family in one place ….”. Usually the other person will not be concerned with information that is not related to the topic of conversation. Avoid using idioms that are less / do not understand your prospective audience. In other words, recognize the background of your prospective audience.

2. Do not reveal the repetition of ideas / subject matter

If you want to express an idea, whether the boss or in a meeting, find out first whether the idea has been expressed by others. If you have, the better you do not have to disclose it. Because most people will not be interested in listening to the repetition of an idea. In the presentation of an analysis, try to avoid repetition of sentences is a theory or conclusion. Arrange the order of delivery to be more focused when delivered.

3. Do not talk too slow

Said words that are too soft and slow only other person will make you bored and impatient. Moreover, speaking style that is too slow you will impress your hesitant and less confident. Therefore, talk with an optimistic tone and confidence.

But we should remember, that does not mean you have to speak quickly without rhythm. You must be good at determining the rhythm of speech, which should speak and when to stop. The right rhythm in communicating course obtained after you often do exercises / experience sufficient oration.

4. Avoid murmur that is too often

Murmur that is too often just will disturb your conversation. After all the speaker you will feel tired of waiting when you finish the conversation. As much as possible minimize or eliminate a murmur like “ehmmm …., EEEE …., Oooo … ..”, etc.. This will also reduce the potential audience respect you, because you do not master the material considered conversation.

5. Avoid unnecessary humor

Humor is fine for a refreshing atmosphere. However, you must be responsive to read your mood after revealing humor. Does the other person really hooked you laugh or laugh with forced. Or even show a face that interfere with your humor. If the person you are not interested with your humor, go ahead pembiraan back. Do not force the other person to laugh at your humor that had failed.

By studying and doing the above tips, you can bermokunikasi more effectively once you train yourself to be an effective person. Remember the effectiveness required in completing each job.


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