Closed Angle Glaucoma Loss of Vision

Narrow Angle Glaucoma is a second common type of glaucoma. In this case a person gets an attack of sudden pain in the eyes when there is some kind of stress or pressure in it. Before getting diagnosed to it a watery kind of fluid generates inside the normal eye. Those water later increases that it drained out of the eye. The water comes out in particular angle between the irises and corners. It is not necessary that a person should get diagnosed to it at a particular time but this Narrow Angle Glaucoma can be diagnosed from by birth. One has to face acute attacks when you are affected to it. The symptoms of this problem do not exist. There are no symptoms but when the attack comes the eye gets red and one cannot see the object because the vision is blur, sometimes they can even see halos kind of around the light if seen. Narrow Angle Glaucoma is very dangerous because if a person is diagnosed to it then if he or she does not go for a treatment immediately within two days then it may cause blindness. To treat this problem one should go through a laser surgery to reduce the risk.

Open Angle Glaucoma is the most common type of the glaucoma which affects around 70 to 80% of the people who get diagnosed to it. It is very opposite to narrow angle glaucoma. In this case the angle is been blocked of aqueous which outflow the water. There is an open space which is in front of the eye. As per the age the drainage system is been stopped and then the pressure arise in the eye which generates abnormal level. If a person is been diagnosed to it then he or she may not notice any symptoms of it and even they must not be aware of it the one is been affected to Open Angle Glaucoma. Later after diagnosed to it one may loss the vision suddenly because there are no symptoms like pain or some thing else. This eye problem is dangerous and then it suddenly losses the eye sight without any warning or notice period to a person. There is no treatment on it because this problem cannot be cured. But as per the doctors one can use eye drop or solution which can lower the pressure of the eye when diagnosed to Open Angle Glaucoma.

Closed Angle Glaucoma is the most risky and dangerous form of glaucoma. In this case if a person is diagnosed to it the aqueous fluid flows in and out of the eye which it because more pressure to eye. This pressure spoils the normal function of the eye and it later cause to trauma or blockage of fluid. The fluid system which it comes out of the eye is been stopped and then it cause many eye problem. In this case Closed Angle Glaucoma is not been treated because it directly cause loss of vision. The eye nerves are to be damaged in this case. The symptom which one can notice is the redness of the eye and also pain in it. They can sometime find it difficult to see an object due to blurriness of vision. Some time they can also get severe headache, vomiting and also abdominal pain. Closed Angle Glaucoma is not been treated due to risk factors in it.

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