What Are Causes And Treatments For Lower Back Pain? Pickerington

What are common causes and effective treatments for Lower Back Pain? Dr. Jack Kohl of Reynoldsburg Chiropractic Center, answers your questions concerning Lower Back Pain in Pickerington, Pataskala and Reynoldsburg Ohio.

A condition I enjoy treating here at the office because we get really great results on and this is actually why I got into chiropractic in the first place, I had a problem in my lower back, went to see a chiropractor, and it worked out great, it’s lower back pain.

So what we have here is we have the lower back. So you’ve got your tailbone, your sacrum, you’ve got the pelvic bones here on the side, and the vertebra sit on top of your tailbone and they run up here. Basically there are three conditions that are the most common causes of any type of lower back pain.

One is misalignment or irritation in the sacroiliac joint. Two is a problem in the spinal discs which are the spaces or shock absorbers between the vertebra. And three, it’s not as well known but I see a lot of this, is a misalignment irritation in the joints back here in the spine. The fancy nerve is called facet joint. So those are the three main causes.

Chiropractors can treat all those three causes. Facet joints, adjustments to facet joints, adjustments to the sacroiliac joint, and adjustments to the vertebra are all very helpful in getting those discs and joints back into alignment.

Research now in most countries show that adjustments are the first things you want to do when you have back pain but we want to keep those joints in alignment as well so doing therapies like ultrasound, muscle stimulation, massage, exercise also will help to work on those muscles and that’s going to help to make sure that when I put these vertebra in place, they stay in place longer. When they stay in place longer you’re going to feel better quicker and you’re relief is going to last longer.

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