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Most Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Evolution of new web design & development tools has made website designing task much easier. But still, many of us make mistake while designing website. Following are the points to consider to avoid common web designing mistakes:

Intro is the first thing to be included in website. Without introduction visitors can’t make out all about you and your services. If a visitor is not able to figure out what your site is all about in few seconds, he may go somewhere else.

Unnecessary Use of Flash
Use of flash is good when used properly. Use of flash makes website attractive but the disadvantage with flash is that it makes website heavy which results in slow loading of pages. Sometimes flash being used for navigation purpose when it is not required, is never a right decision. Use flash only where feature is not supported by html coding.

Scan able and Relevant Content
Always add small blocks of text. Small blocks of text are easy to scan throughout the web pages. You should add bullet points, header, list and anything which makes reading easy for the readers. Make sure that font of the content is visible. Also avoid using content which is not necessary to be displayed on web pages. Try to display relevant information.

Contact Information
No website would be worse than a website that does not have contact details. This point is bad for both website owner as well as visitors. Without any contact details, a website owner can’t make out how the business is running and visitors also would be unable to contact the admin for queries.

PDF Files
While browsing a website, visitors do not like PDF files as they break their flow. Printing and saving  of PDF  files are difficult as standard browser commands do not work. Layouts of the PDF files generally do not match with the user’s browser screen.

Page Title with Low Search Engine Visibility
Users discover website with the help of search engine. If the page title is not as per search engine visibility, your website will not be visible to the users. Page titles are also used as the default entry in the Favorites when users book mark a site. Do not ever try to use “the” and “welcome” as initial of the page title.

By avoiding above given web design mistakes you can make your business website design more successful.

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