How The Brain Works?

The brain collects information received from the eyes, nose, ears, skin, mouth, etc.. and conclude. Who did this conclusion is combined 100 billion nerve cells in your brain. These cells work without interruption and allows you to see the color of apples that you eat, you recognize the voice of a good friend, and feel the smell of chocolate.

The picture on the next page shows some of the kids who were talking, hearing, smelling, running, and sleeping in his brain. Of course this is just an imaginary picture whose purpose is to show certain parts of the brain and its usefulness. Actually, the brain consists of nerve cells, which can be viewed under a microscope. Do you think the nerve cells can see your favorite doll or chocolate ice cream flavor? Of course not. This is because the nerve cells consist of bungkahan flesh alone. Therefore, there must be a very powerful substance that has created this amazing world. He is God. God, the owner of everything, created everything perfectly and gave us a beautiful life. What we must do in return is just thankful to God. God has given us the eyes and ears, for example, and has ordered us to give thanks to Him

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