Animal Life

 The dog is a nice & accractive animal. We love all dog very much. It is a common animal in the world.Dogs are amazing athletes, with the ability to perform physical tasks with consummate ease. There are many colour’s dogs in world. Part of this athleticism is because their back can become stable enough to hold a straight line when they jump, and yet flexible enough to twist and rotate when hunting or performing other activities. It also has the capability to hyper-extend (or bend over backwards) that helps with the dissipation of stress but can only do this if the muscles forming attachments at crucial points are functioning and allow the extension.Dogs belong to that select group of con artists at the very top of the profession, the ones who pick our pockets clean and leave us smiling about it. Dogs take from the rich, they take from the poor, and they keep it all. They lie on top of the air-conditioning vent in the summer; they curl up by the fireplace in the winter; they commit outrages against our property too varied and unspeakable to name.

Hope you, too, get to do what you want to, and that part of that involves enjoying the mixture of Kiwi homes in this issue of NZ House & Garden – from the rustic charms of the Cresseys’ Kawau bach (with long drop) on page 28 to the high-tech Star Wars glamour of the Hewitts’ Christchurch home on page 68. Have a good holiday. If this post may be good , please comment ———.

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