Giant Network That WE Around The Body

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These questions sound strange, is not it? This is because we never ask ourselves that way. In fact, most of us never realize the continuation of the processes mentioned in the question. Our bodies do the whole process automatically. And our body uses neural network to do so. This network formed by the union of trillions of nerve cells, which you can see in the pages of this book. We can compare this neural network, which reaches every corner of our bodies, with the highway, as seen in the picture. Thanks to this network, the cells in our brain cells connect with the muscles in our legs, and all body cells communicate with each other. However, our nervous systems have a much more integrated system than the miles of highway, which has many intersections and overpasses for vehicles moving in opposite directions. As the vehicle moves from one place to another on the highway, as well as nerve impulses are transmitted along the nerve tissue in our bodies. These impulses carry messages from one part of the body to another.

These impulses move in the body much faster than what you imagine. A pulse (stimulus) electricity out of your brain, for example, when you fold the hand. During this complex journey, this pulsating first stop in the spinal cord. Just then he continued on to the relevant body, where the message is conveyed brain. Muscles constrict your hands together and you were folded hands. All these events occurred only in the thousandths of seconds. If we assume the time required to close and open our eyes slowly is one second, could certainly understand how short it is a thousandth of a second. Similarly, pulses are sent to the entire body to the brain via nerves. From every part of our body messages sent to your brain continuously and in amazing speed. Therefore, you can walk, laughing, running, tasting flavor of ice cream, playing with the dog … This entire process occurs without a hitch. You do all this immediately when you think about it. You see an object just when you look at it, you hear the right words when you listen, and feel whether an object is hot or cold just when you touch it. All this thanks to a perfect harmony between your brain and nervous system. Clearly, the nerve impulse works in your body within that fast anyway. The nerves at the tip of your finger to send messages to the brain through a heavy book being held by your hands, so you even lifting a book with the power in accordance with these weights. Meanwhile, the stimulus was delivered from the eyes, nose, ears, feet, and many other parts of your body to your brain.

Your brain stimulus check coming this and sends the appropriate response to the relevant parts of your body, which then move according to this response. Now, let us remember all these events. Many processes going on inside your body simultaneously. You read the book and at the same time listening to music from another world, feeling the soft fur of a cat when he went through your legs, feeling the fruit juice you drink, your heart still beats, and more action is happening in your body.

What would happen if you have to control all this within a few seconds? Of course you would not be able to control it at the same time. However, thanks to God’s perfect creation, brain and other parts of your body to work together and accomplish all these tasks without the need for our intervention. All kinds of information delivered from the body to the brain in the form of stimulus, which need to be interpreted. Then you can feel the softness of dog hair, the cool breeze, taste the fruit juice, the smell of french fries. So, is it possible your brain, which only sebungkah meat weighing no more than 1.5 kilograms, to do all this alone? Thanks to the perfect creation of God, your brain can do this whole process at the same time.

 You’ll blink your eyes if a friend approaches you quietly, then suddenly you catch his hand, but you did not notice his arrival. It is not planned, because this is a reflex. A reflex is a response to a sudden unplanned. Why was there a sudden? Because the stimulus is not delivered to the brain at the time, and instead direct response is received from the spinal cord. This is a very valuable gift that God has created for us because, thanks to a reflex, we are protected from many dangers. For example, you could move my hands suddenly felt the glass when hot. This reflex is a protective method that God has created to protect our bodies. With the inspiration of God, the nerve stimulus to continue in your body in a speed of about 9 kilometers (6 miles) in a second so you are protected from many dangers


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