Understanding And Controlling Family Finance

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If you like the general public, should go to the office every morning and
came home that afternoon. And each end of the month or beginning of the month, you will receive a salary
as your hard work for a month.
For example, call it Anton, currently working in an IT company in Jakarta
with a monthly salary of Rp 5 million and his wife, Anita, worked at a company
SOEs, with a salary of Rp 3 million per month. Total family income Anton each
month is USD 8 million or Rp 96 million each year.
Taxes. Generally, the salary received by the employees already cut taxes. So you
‘ve got the net income each month. Similarly, family
Anton, had net salary each month. If your salary is gross salary,
then you should subtract the first with tax cuts before you put it
in the family’s financial budget.
Family expenditure. In line with bergulirnya family life, of course
a cost. Expenditures are generally carried out by the family, the general
as follows:
· Rent a house: USD 1.2 million per month.
· Car repayments: USD 2.3 million.
· Cost of care and transportation needs: Rp 500,000
· Electricity and Telephone: Rp 900,000
· Shopping monthly requirement: USD 1.3 million
· Entertainment, dining out and others: USD 1 million
· Domestic helpers and drivers: USD 800.000
If indeed Anton family expenditure, as seen above, of course, for
meet the needs of today’s families to be sufficient? Yes, to a degree
indeed been met. But financial life not only for today but also
for the future. And there are two important things to consider:
· Problems may arise during the journey of life. Let’s say
risk occurs, where the house where you live now and you robbed
not insured. Some electronic devices, such as tv, dvd, hp and other items missing. Then you have to replace it, right? It
need the money.
· Every person has the urge to buy something better.
Let’s say you want to replace your tv that is long enough and wants to
mengantinya with newer more sophisticated technology.
Of course, costs money.
Because both of these things, we usually get involved with debt. The existence of inequality between
income and expenditure, to cover our debt. For as big
people, daily or monthly debt typically use credit cards. while for
larger purchases such as houses or cars, using loan products
more formal.
There is nothing wrong with debt. Problems arise when you use debt
for something that is not important. Because of the urge to buy or
shop, then your credit card bills soaring. Repayments
minimum each month does not solve the problem. This should be solved by
A good strategy and wise. And if ditelah further, in case you lose
control of your finances.
The story above, forget the most important things in a good family life,
namely saving program. Many things need to be prepared such as pensions,
need for education expenses if the later has a child and others. And one thing
important that overlooked is “the allocation of emergency funds.” Every family should have
this allocation.
But if we have the power of how your Majik, where we were two-fold increase
Anton family income, which was only $ 8 million per month now
to Rp 16 million each month, will this solve the problem? Of course
salary increase, let alone two, but Anton as 99% of us would have the drive in
to increase spending.
In fact, if we tell the 100 people will raise their salaries 100%,
99 of them surely will mengandakan their spending. Because they feel
have the capacity. They will choose to live in bigger houses, buying
a better car, and further, that in the end they will come back again
as our story above. So it was obvious here that add revenue is not
the best solution. Because we have a tendency to spend what we
get. This is normal. But we must beware of them.
“Goal Setting Priority”
About the most difficult in the “financial control” is starting to walk on the path
correct. During his school to college, we never
gain an understanding of individual finance. And we always hear
just a financial issue without knowing the steps to solve.
There is one thing that can you can do to start the journey on the right track
namely by setting priority goals you desire. If you want
something than you do, chances are you will do what
to do to get it.
The first approach you can do, is to set a priority goal
become millionaires. Surely you often watch the show on one tv station
“Be a millionaire”. Maybe you became a billionaire with a complete 15
questions raised in the event. But until now there has never been
who get there.
Being a billionaire is not difficult. Become millionaires overnight, it’s just difficult.
But if you do it on an ongoing basis, we are sure you can
achieve the dream of becoming a billionaire.
Dollar cost averaging strategy is done by saving systematically and
sustainable in the long term. As our goal was, to be
millionaires, at least have a 1 billion rupiah fund at retirement (55 years).
Suppose you only have 30 years to achieve (your current age
25 years) then you have to set aside registration (assuming interest at 10% per year), Rp 5.5
million per year or Rp 460.500 per month or USD 15.350 per day.
It takes only amounted to Rp 460,000 a month’s target to reach 1 billion dollars.
Of course this is easy you do, the situation Anton, could have reduced costs
entertainment which was $ 1 million to only Rp 500,000 rupiah.
We’re sure you’ve gathered with friends at the coffee shop that many scattered
in Jakarta. Once drink alone, at least USD 15-USD 20,000. Not to mention that while
eat snacks, Rp 50,000 is not enough. With only reduce this we believe
You can achieve your desired incentive that is to become a billionaire.
Then you ask: if only by doing this I could be
millionaires? Why has not anyone ever memberitau me? Or maybe
You ask, where can I get membrikan investment interest rate
10%? To answer this would require a longer explanation.
And we are sure we never discuss it in the rubric eureka ago.
Get what they want now (short term)
If we see the previous paragraph, to prioritize goals-term priorities
long. It takes time to get what it wants. But how
when the priority was the desire short-term? How can we follow
up on this?
To overcome this there is one sentence that we have always sounded in various
Our inscription: “menabunglah first and then shopping.” This becomes extremely
difficult because the TV media to be one tool to market products
through advertising.
Since most of us would be sitting in a chair while enjoying the movies you
enjoy doing. But on the sidelines of the time the ad aired. Once or twice
may not increase your desire to buy, how when it
dozens of times even hundreds of times? Surely that had wanted to “save
first and spending later “be compelled to shop first, if there is a new residual
Why does the phrase “save first and spend later” giving patterns
good. First, you’ll feel that urge to buy something
sometimes change rapidly. Second, with this pattern, to buy something
You want in the short-term course you will be encouraged to set aside
first and buy later.
This is often underestimated but in fact this is a change in the way
berkiatan with a financial perspective, “saving first and spending later.” This
can affect the behavior of financial control which ends give
capacity to you and your family to make wealth accumulation.
Financial life balance
At the end of our discussion this time, we offer a few thoughts regarding
with financial kehdiupan balance in the family. In general some things
related to finance that must be considered are:
· You should have a clear financial goals
· You should have an income greater than expenditures not only
monthly throughout the year but
• Do not get used to having credit card debt
· Have an emergency fund with a value between 3-6 months of living expenses
· Prepare also the educational needs of your children
· Prepare your retirement needs, the sooner the better
· Have insurance protection if you have dependents
This is what can we offer in the family’s financial life
balanced. Not only today but also for long-term goals. Hopefully


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