Crumpler Camera Bags: The Best Bags For Your Camera

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A bag is designed to be a container to hold different things. Most commonly, bags are made using cloth, leather and even paper. The most common use of bags is by students who use it to carry their books to school. Even sports players are another category of people who use bags very frequently.  By drawing on the benefits that carrying your articles in a bag bring to its users, professional and amateur photographers have grown to adopt using bags to carry their cameras.    

The camera bag is a very useful addition to your wardrobe and provides several benefits. The prime function of this bag is offer ample protection to the camera from external threats like rain, excessive sunlight, heat, dust and even scratches. Above all else, the bags ensures that the camera is safeguarded from any potential damage as an outcome of being accidently dropped when you trip or when it is handled carelessly in the event you experience a lapse in focus and care.

That said, the only purpose of the bag is not to provide protection to your camera. It also acts as an effective space to carry camera related items like USB stick, additional rolls and extra batteries.  

Another exciting feature of these bags is that apart from functionality, these bags are also designed to provide a sense of fashion to make you look trendy. One of the most popular bags that combine functionality with fashion is called Crumpler Bags.

Crumpler Bags come in five varieties that you can choose from:

Thirsty Al:This category serves three uses. It can be used as a camera bag. If you like, you can choose to use this as a belt pouch to carry smaller camera items. Finally, you can use it like a trendy shoulder bag.

John Thursday:This category is basically a dual purpose bag. It can be used either like a belt pouch or a conventional camera bag.

Bundle Shoulder:This category is most useful to protect your camera related equipments from being stolen. It is designed to conceal the contents of the bag to make sure it is not ‘on display’.  

Million Dollar:This category is especially suitable for storing the camera and the lenses. The materials that are used for these bags are meant to provide maximum protection with the inner lining and pads.

Stamp Claimer:This category is the integrated bag that can store the camera, accessories and lenses. 


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