Tuesday, December 12

Want To Become The Person Of Your Dreams?

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A question most children are asked by their parents or other adults is “What would they like to become when they grow up?” This question is asked more in jest and children tend to reply to whatever takes their fancy at the moment. A boy may reply that he wants to be a commando or a firefighter while a small girl may want to be doctor or a singer.

This question, however, needs our serious attention as adults. We need to ask ourselves this question seriously. We all have our aspirations and dreams. We need to learn to recognize them and take it seriously. The fact is that it is possible to become almost anything one likes. One has to only put one’s heart and mind into it. Here are some tips on how to become the person of your dreams.

  1. Learn all about your dream job or dream person. Supposing you aspire to be top professional golfer. You should then read up all about the game and its famous players. Read golf biographies, find out the history of the game, memorable tournaments. Do research on the internet on all aspects of the game. Become an expert on the game. It will help you achieve your goals.

  2. Imitate your dream Person. Say, you are big fan of Jack Nicklaus, the golfer. Read up all about him. Find out how he played the game, the techniques he used. Find out about his favorite shots and even the brand of clubs he used. Further, try to imitate him. Try to follow the routine he adopted, the practice regime he followed. Finally, you can even adopt his body stance, his way of swinging, even his swagger and way of walking. Try it. If you do it with passion you may find all this rubbing on your game as well as your personality making you the person of your dreams.

  3. Pursue your dream. Don’t wait for an opportune moment. It will never come. Start now. Take purposeful action. Do all it takes to become the person of your dreams. It may require lot of effort but if you have the passion you will be able to achieve it by starting now.

  4. Persist till you achieve your goal. Don’t let failures put you down. Have the tenacity to rough it out till the very end. There is no truer saying than “Try, try and you will succeed.” Be patient and keep trying and you will do it. Rest assured.


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