Facebook Frenzy – How to Add And Set Custom Welcome Page.

Learn how to add and setup your custom welcome page on Facebook in 10 easy steps.

The following assumes that you are logged into your Facebok account and are on the page you wish to edit.

Step 1: Click on “Edit Page”

Step 2: Click on “Apps”

Step 3: Look for the App “Static FBML” under “Apps you might like” Click “Add App”
(Note: If you are using Google Chrome, you may have to click refresh after you click it)

Step 4: Click “Go To App” under the FBML 1

Step 5: Fill out information (Box Title = Tab Title. The rest of the information can be done in text, FBML, and some HTML)

Step 6: Click save changes
(You could add more FBML boxed by clicking add another FBML box below changes, you could then go to edit to see “FBML 2”)

Step 7: After changes are saved go up to the top next to the name of your page and click “edit”

Step 8: Click on “Manage Permissions”

Step 9: Under “Default Landing Tab” select your welcome page

Step 10: Click “Save Changes”

You’re done! Congratulations! Now you have set up your custom welcome page. When people first land on your page they will see the welcome page with whatever information you have put there. After they click the like button they will, in the future, see the wall when they come to your page.

Also after they click the like button you will show up in their news feed.

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