My Favorite TV Shows

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If you are like many other people, then you enjoy watching television. It gives everyone the chance to sit back, relax, and escape reality. We all have our favorite TV show genres and favorite TV shows. I would love to share mine.

My favorite TV show is actually World Wrestling Entertainment (professional wrestling, I am a huge fan), but I’m going to share my three after it, as they are all old sitcoms. Yes, old sitcoms. Shows that we watched growing up that we can only find in re-runs. I love those shows and even though the are no longer televised with new episodes, I am really glad I can atleast watch the reruns.

Here are my top three favorite old sitcoms that you can catch me watching over and over again.

The Golden Girls.
I love this show. There’s just something about it that makes me want to watch it all the time. The show is about four older ladies who live together in Miami, Florida. We have Blanche, who owns the house they all live in (until later on when she made the co-owners). She works at an art museum, loves to date, and is very into her own looks. Then we have Rose, who is innocent, sweet, but a little ditzy at times. Sophia and Dorothy are mother and daughter, and neither have an issue speaking their minds. But through their good and bad character traits, they all have good hearts and are there for each other no matter what. Through their fights, troubles, dates, and adventures, they show you that they are more than just roommates, they’re a family.

Now, I actually prefer the earlier seasons (usually one through three), but this show is absolutely hilarious. Roseanne and Dan are working parents in Lanford, who are trying to do the best they can to provide for their three children, Becky (their oldest who loves boys, make-up, and shopping), Darlene (the middle child, she loves sports, writing, and dropping smart remarks), and DJ (the youngest, who is just your typical little boy, but can be different at times). Joined by Roseanne’s sister Jackie and their friends, they all star in a great show that many can relate to. They deal with real issues such as job and money problems, Becky getting married (to the guy they can’t stand), Darlene falling into a depression, family, and many other problems that they do the best to get through.

Full House.
This was probably my favorite show growing up. It’s funny, nice, and shows that no matter what you do, you can still try to be there for each other. The show stars widow and sports caster (and later talk show host) Danny Tanner, who asks his rock and roll brother-in-law Jesse and comedian best friend Joey to move him and help him raise his three little girls. We have DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. The girls have their fights and can be a little mischief, but they are all around good kids with good hearts. Of course we have DJ’s best friend Kimmy and long time boyfriend Steve, and later we meet Rebecca, who ends up marrying Jesse. The couple give birth to their two twin sons, Nicky and Alex. You can watch them grow up and go through a lot, such dealing with the loss of Danny’s wife (as she is mentioned through-out the series), fights, dating, marriage, death, and how to solve their problems. Through-out all of their problems, they always pull through.

So those are my three favorite TV shows. I do have many others in the old sitcoms category, such as Family Matters, Step By Step, Everybody Loves Raymond, and more. Of course, all of our favorite shows may differ, but we can all say that we do have something we enjoy watching on the tube.


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