Does Writing Online Make Money?

We have all heard of the comments that writing online means that you will make money online.  You can write a blog, and you can write on the hundreds on online writing sites that can be easily found on the web.  This is a business where what you produce and when and where you produce it will in fact make you more money than you thought was possible.

This is all well and good, but for the people who want to make money online, they tend to forget the one main aspect of this business.That is writing content.  Anyone can write something that will in time make a few pennies, it is a fact that anyone can make money online if they gave it half a chance.

Really the question is does writing online make you money?  Money, in this definition is something where you will be able to take two shifts off of your day job, and your writing will provide you with that income.

With this in mind, can most people do this?  The simple answer is that it is very possible to do, but you have to be very willing to do the work. You need to think that this is your business, and with that you are the owner of this business where the more time you spend doing the small things the more money you will get because your work is easily found on the Internet, through the search engines, and via other links and topics.

Your writing is your means to more income, the more you write the more money you will make.  This is true with all writing sites.  The more you write the more traffic you will get the more people will read your work and you will be seen.  Article directories are a great example of indirect moeny, the more links from these sites, the more traffic, and the more money, since more people will have seen both your work and your links.

Online writing sites are the same way, if you want to promote your website, you can do so by writing on many of teh online writing sites, and you will make money there and with your website or blog.  Traffic moves and follows great content.  In this case, great writing means money.

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