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How To Make An Inexpensive Boys' Toys Gift Basket

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There are plenty of reasons why many of us give children gifts. This can include birthdays, holidays, special occasions, get well gifts, or just because we want to. Many people choose to buy gift baskets for kids. This is a nice way to buy a few gifts at one time. But sometimes a gift basket can be expensive or you may not find one that best suits your child’s interests and hobbies. So why not create your own gift basket? You can actually create a gift basket without spending too much money.

Here are a few tips on how to make an inexpensive boys’ toy gift basket. The tips will include examples of what you can buy and where you can buy them. This can be both an easy and fun task.

The Baskets.
Buying an inexpensive gift basket is easy. Gift baskets come in different shapes, sizes, material, and colors, and for reasonable prices at that. The first place I would suggest in The Dollar Tree or any dollar store. With the price of everything being one dollar, this is a great store to go to when on a budget. Especially if you want to buy more than one basket. Other stores I would suggest checking out is Wal-Mart and Five Below. You could possibly find them at Target, The Family Dollar, and Big Lots as well.

The Tissue Paper.
You don’t need to use tissue paper when making a gift basket, but some people like to. Tissue paper comes in different pack sizes, colors, and patterns. I have gotten atleast six to a pack for one dollar. Most places that sell tissue paper offer them at reasonable prices. I would suggest checking out The Dollar Tree, Five Below, Wal-Mart, Target, and The Family Dollar.

Boys’ Toys.
It’s now time to buy the boys’ toys for the gift baskets. While some toys do get expensive, you can still find some nice toys for decent prices. Here are a few toys I have seen for good prices: Hot Wheels Cars or similar toy cars, Legos (usually smaller boxes), G.I. Joe, and stuffed animals. I have seen G.I. Joe figures (with no accessories) at Dollar General stores for just a few bucks. I have also seen WWE wrestling figures for three to five dollars at The Family Dollar, Five Below, and similar stores. Depending on the age, you can also add trading cards or card games (such as Magic, Pokemon, and WWE), pillows, and if you would like, candy, which can all be found at various stores for decent prices.

If you decide to look at The Dollar Tree, you can find action figures, magic sets, toy cars, and boys’ dress up sets (such as cowboys or police officers). All of these are only a dollar each.

General items that can be found almost anywhere for great prices include arts and crafts, coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, construction paper, socks with patterns on them, a grow-a-towel, playing cards, stickers, and storybooks.

Now that you have learned a few tips on how to make an inexpensive boys’ toy gift basket, give it a try the next time you are planning to give a gift. You can save money on many of the items you want to include in your gift basket. Once you have everything you need, put them all together! Putting the gift basket together will be just as easy as purchasing the items! Your little one (or a relative or friend’s child) will love his inexpensive gift basket of boys’ toys!


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