Ten Things Toddlers And Small Children Should Never Be Allowed To Do

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Ten Things Toddlers and Small Children Should Never Do

If you have toddlers and small children, you know they are busy. Toddlers get into everything and they are always moving. They seem to have endless energy and parents often feel relieved when they finally fall asleep at night. As a parent of a toddler and/or small children it is important to know the ten things they should never do.

1.Toddlers and small children should never talk to strangers. This is a strange world we live in. For every good person, there is another person waiting to prey on your children in some way. Some people are perverts; others want to use your children to make money off of perverts. Never talking to strangers is an old rule that should always be used in our society. This means you as a parent are responsible to teach your children to never talk to strangers and it is also important for you to be there with your toddlers and small children to make sure they never talk to the wrong people.

2.Toddlers and small children should never open your front door to anybody. You never know who is coming to your door and you don’t want your children to open your house up to just anybody. It is important for parents to teach their toddlers and small children to wait for mommy and daddy before any door in the house if ever opened.

3.Toddlers and small children should never go anywhere alone. It is mom and dad’s job to make sure they know where their small children are. It is also important for mom and dad to teach their toddlers and small children going anywhere by themselves is both dangerous and a bad idea. There are too many stories about mom and dad sleeping and their toddlers being found on the street. There are other stories about mom and dad partying while their small children are home alone. You love your children and you do not want them to become a statistic. Do not allow toddlers and small children to go anywhere alone.

4.Toddlers and small children should never be allowed to play with plastic and plastic bags. Plastic is dangerous to small children and they can be suffocated if a plastic bag is stuck in their mouths or over their heads. You need to keep your eyes on your children all of the time to keep them safe from plastic and plastic bags.

5.Toddlers and small children should never hit other children. From birth children should be taught right from wrong by their parents. Your toddlers and children should know it is wrong to hit another child. It is your job to teach them this important lesson.

6.Toddlers and small children should never bit other children. This is the same as hitting. Your children should be taught from birth that they are not allowed to bite other children. Biting hurts and is a bad habit for your children to learn. Your child’s school will send him/her home if they are caught biting another child.

7.Toddlers and small children should never cuss. Most toddlers and small children who cuss learn it from their parents, family or their friends. As a parent, it is your job to teach your children that cussing is not a good thing to do. Teach your children how to talk correctly. If you don’t cuss at your children, they are less likely to have a problem with cussing.

8.Toddlers and small children should never be around sharp objects. Children love to cook with their parents, but they should never be allowed to hold a sharp knife or anything else that is sharp. Sharp items are dangerous to your children.

9.Toddlers and small children should never take a bath or a shower by themselves. A parent should be around at all times to supervise their children while they are bathing. When your children get older, it is obviously okay to allow them to take a shower or bath alone. A child can drown in an inch of water and you do not want your toddlers and small children to become another statistic.

10.Toddlers and small children should never swim in a pool without supervision. Children love water and they love to swim. However, they do not know how to prevent themselves from drowning. It is important as a parent to always supervise your children when they are in and around a pool.

You are a parent and you believe you have the most beautiful toddler and small children in the world. Make sure you follow these simple rules and others to make sure your child is safe and sound. I work in a line of work where I see little children under incredible circumstances. I have seen mom’s holding their children while smoking cigarettes and pot. I have seen parents drunk while their small children are in the house left alone to fend for themselves. Parenting may be the most important job anybody could have in the world. If you look at your children as the most important people in the whole wide world, you will understand the importance of being there and teaching your children right and wrong. Commit yourself today to be the best parents you can possibly be for the safety and well-being of your toddlers and small children.

Feel free to leave any other parenting ideas in the comments section. I am just a father I don’t know everything about raising toddlers and small children.


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