Spectacular Grand Opening Ceremony of Icc World Cup Enthralled The Audience

The grand ceremony was accomplished at about two hours ago in the Bangabandhu National Stadium.The venue was made a dreamland by extraordinary  decorations.The prime minister of Bangladesh,Sheikh Hasina declared the gala ceremony open with applause from the great audience.The ceremony was attended by Sharad Pawar,President,ICC and many dignitaries from the 14 paricipating nations and many other countries.The prime minister,ICC president and organizers of the ceremony addressed to the audience.Sheikh Hasina and the Bangladeshi organizers thanked ICC  for selecting Bangladesh as a co-host of the biggest event of the world cup. Sharad Pawar expressed satisfaction for organizing the opening ceremony perfectly.

The ceremony was a perfect opportunity for the three hosting countries,Bangladesh,India and SriLanka, to showcase their  cultural and historical achievements comprising songs,dances,displays and other activities.Great  singers and artistes from the co-hosting countries took part in many events.

Brayan Adams, Sanu Nigham,Shankar Mahadevan,Runa Laila,Mila,Mamtaz and Sabina are some of the singers and a large number of dancers and choreographers from the hosting countries performed to enthralled the audience.

As the opening ceremony is over by now,the preparations for the  49 matches is a concern for all the hosting countries.

The first match will be held between Bangladesh and India on the 19th February  in Dhaka.Remaining 48 matches will be held in all of the co-hosting countries.Hence all governments and concerned agencies will remain busy for holding the matches successfully.Likewise the cricket fans around the will keep their eyes and hearts to see who wins the coveted cup.

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