Monday, December 18

Secret Shopping Opportunities – Get Paid To Shop

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Lots of company needs shopper to give them a honest feedback

They do know that the shopper will not do that if they do not get paid, and that is why the secret shopper exist.  As a secret shopper, you will get paid when you go to shopping and also you will keep the product and the service you received.  Here is the source on how you become the secret shopper.

  • First, you will need to work part time or full time if you want – Most secret shopper company will have different assignment online for you to choose, once a while they will email you the new tasks.  And that is why you may need to plan for your time every week to do the shopping.  Every task may be paid different, so plan your time and wait for your email.

  • Second, You will need to keep the record – Once you have completed your task, you may usually need to keep the record for the task, you may need to fax or email your receipt and also the checklist that the secret shopper’s company has given to you.  And that is why you may need to have internet services in your home.

  • Finally, Want to be more busy?  Sign up more opportunities –  If you like this job and you could hang on to it for around a year, you will have more opportunities than the newbie who are just started.  And it does not mean you could be lazy and sit back and wait for the tasks.  One thing you could do is keep search online for more and more opportunities if you have the time to do it, and that means the cash will keep rolling in, so YOU SHOULD use online resources and search for more secret shopper opportunities.

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