Best Ways to Get a Car Out of The Snow

Many regions in the world suffer the risk of significant snowfall and accumulation in the winter months, which can lead to complications that include the need to figure out best ways to get a car out of the snow. Those snowflakes may look beautiful when seen up-close or in piles by the driveway, but on the road they can be a wet, slippery hazard, especially if a vehicle gets off the street into a ditch, especially ice patch, or generally an area where adequate friction is unavailable. Fortunately, there are usually a few courses of action to attempt.

The Rocking Method

The tried-and-trued method of rocking the vehicle is still among one of the best ways to get a cart out when stuck in the snow, simply because it takes advantages of the inalienable forces of physics. The fact that no matter what the size of the car, truck, or other automobile, it has significant weight to it, and that weight carries a notable amount of momentum whenever the vehicle moves. This momentum can be taken advantage of by rocking; that is, rather than simply slamming on the gas and letting the tires spin in place, instead carefully hitting the gas to cause the vehicle to move forward slightly. Even if just tapping the gas pedal, as long as the car moves at all, there is hope, because this means that if the foot is taken off the gas, the vehicle will lurch backwards, back to its original spot again. If the driver carefully coordinates pressing the pedal in rhythm to the rocking back and forth, the force of momentum collectively increases with each push forward, and eventually the tires should be able to either get over a snowy hump or achieve enough momentum on the ice to begin moving forward and treading. This method is key if the driver is alone and has no available human help; in that case, though, there is an additional tactic.

Coordinated Pushing

This is one of the classic best ways to get a car out of the snow, as it is so popularly displayed in blizzards and winter storms as a show of human companionship and general willingness to help out his or her fellow person. The basic idea is crudely simple: The driver tries to drive forward or begin rocking, while a passenger or any other helping people get behind the vehicle and push. Sometimes, the sheer force of pushing helpers can assist the vehicle in getting forward past its obstacles; other times, the pushers can be used in coordination with the rocking method in order to truly stand a good chance of getting the car moving  again.

Increased Friction

Sometimes the car or truck is not budging an inch, not even enough to begin rocking, or will not even move with people pushing from behind. In these cases, a crucial example of the best ways to get a car out of the snow is to increase the friction available to the tires in order to enable them to move. This can mean shoving some of the snow out of the way, adding weight to the vehicle (especially right on top of the axles on which the wheels are mounted), or adding sand, kitty litter, salt, or other friction-granting material directly in front of the tires. Many trucks can combine these traits by keeping bags of sand or salt in their bed, thus increasing their weight on the rear axle to increase friction available while driving, and having the materials available when needed if stuck.

Whether utilized by a new driver getting stopped on ice for the first time, a seasoned veteran used to getting out of a weather-related jam, or a driver that is unfamiliar with snowy winter weather, these best ways to get a car out of the snow are crucial for enjoying, rather than despising, the winter seasons. Then again, as a last resort, one may need to call a towing service, AAA, or a trusted friend for help. 

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