Happy Dead Birthdays to People Who Were Born on February 17Th

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Famous Dead Birthdays is just what it sounds like. Dead Birthdays are birthdays of famous people who have a birthday, but have already passed. For example, Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 and he died on April 17, 1790. This means Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday is on January 17th. If Benjamin Franklin was still alive in 2011, he would be 304 Yrs. Old. Famous Dead Birthdays is a type of trivia. How old would a dead famous person be (on their birthday) if they were still alive?

Happy Dead Birthdays

Red Barber– (1908-1992) the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers-Columbus, MS

Alan Bates– (1934-2003) TV miniseries ‘Oliver’s Travels’ and many films-England

Buster Crabbe– (1907-1983) He was Tarzan in 1933 and Flash Gordon and grandfather of Nick Holt defensive coordinator of the Washington Huskies-Oakland, CA

H. L. Hunt– (1889-1984) Founder of Hunt Oil-American Oil Tycoon-Carson Township, IL

Frederic Eugene Ives- (1856-1937) founding member ofPhotographic Society of Philadelphia who won The Franklin Institute’s Elliot Cresson Medal-Litchfield, CT

René Laënnec– (1781-1826) invented the stethoscopein 1816-France

Marc Lawrence– (1910-20050 prolific character actor who was in many films-Bronx, NY

Wayne Morris– (1914-1959) decorated World War II US Fighting Ace and actor-Los Angeles, CA

Charley Pell– (1941-2001) played college football at Alabama, was a college football coach including the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators-Albertville, AL

Gene Pitney-(1940-2006) 1960’s Teen Idol and songwriter-16 Top 40 Hits in US-Rockville, CT

Margaret Truman– (1924-2008) daughter of President Harry S. Truman and a mystery writer-Independence, MO

Aaron Montgomery Ward– (1844-1913) Founder of Montgomery Ward Company-Chatham, NJ

Life has come and gone

Rest in Peace, we remember

Your life and your work







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