Why Exercise Can Increase Self-Esteem

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Considering the nearly universally accepted opinion that exercise is advantageous, it should be no challenge to identify some reasons why exercise can increase self-esteem among its benefits. What can be much more challenging is coming up with the motivation to keep up a great work-out routine; nonetheless, hopefully such motivation can be found in identifying the finer points of how exercise can affect self-esteem.

Physical Appearance

Perhaps obviously, one of the reasons why exercise can increaseself-esteem is that, along with a healthy balanced diet, exercise is one of the key tools toward losing weight and gaining muscle, thus improving physical appearance. As great as it is to be self-secure enough to not care too much about appearances, it is still a great benefit to gain self-confidence in being proud of one’s body and comfortable appearing in it.

Enhanced Health

In America, obesity is an epidemic, one that begins in school-age kids and can be seen in elderly examples as well. Across the world, human beings need to practice responsible dietary choices and work-out routines in order to exhibit a measure of bodily health that will lead to decades of a rich, fulfilling, lengthy life. One of the reasons why exercise can increase self-esteem is that in addition to providing gains to the tangible visuals of physical appearances, it can also contribute to positive invisible factors of health as well. The human body does not function well with too much weight or too little muscle, and an unhealthy body can make the heart work too hard to distribute blood, circulate nutrients poorly, process nutrients inefficiently, and have an overall low level of energy, all of which can sap self-esteem when observing the results in life when an enhanced physical health is unavailable.

Personal Accomplishment

One of the significant reasons why exercise can increase self-esteem is that one of the basic principles of building self-esteem is maintaining a clear view of self-worth through one’s accomplishments, set goals being met, and overall proof of diligence and responsibility. Whereas many people have specific hobbies, jobs, or other disciplines in which they can set clear objectives and strive to meet them, exercise is an activity that is universally available to everyone, regardless of social or financial stature.

Ultimately, the reasons why exercise can increaseself-esteem are rooted in a positive self-image. While it is easy to focus on the physical benefits of exercise, its mental and emotional benefits cannot be ignored, as it offers someone the chance to focus on a task at hand, complete a desired aim, see results both tangible and intangible, and better gain confidence to interact with the surrounding world.


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