Sunday, December 17

Social Decline Due to The Recession

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Responsible, honest and hard working people usually are wise enough not to incur debts and they are able to save some of their current income for future needs or the occasional emergency that might take place during the future. They have a place in which to live and they are well able to buy food and pay all of their utility expenses in a timely manner.

In years gone by such has been the financial situation of the majority of the people within the United States of America, as well as for most of the people within the other advanced Nations on our Earth.

Being a resident of the United States I know better about the recent financial problems that now most certainly adversely affect the majority of the citizens within the United States. Keep in mind that the same economic laws and theories, barring Government interference, also apply to the normal function of any economy that is based on the Capitalistic System of free trade, fair competition and free markets.

During the past few years energy costs increased as much as 400%. Those increased prices for motor fuels and natural gas, in spite of the fact the those prices have decreased about 50% from their record high levels, caused substantial price increases for all of the other goods and services that people need in order to stay healthy and alive have also increased to record levels. Such inflation in such a short period of time has created an economic hardship for tens of millions of people, World-wide.

I and millions of other people get far less of the things that keep us healthy and alive and we, in most cases, have to pay more money for what we do buy. That’s the terrible consequences of what price inflation does to people within any economy.

People lose their jobs because their employer is selling less goods and services and wishes to remain in business. When their savings are gone, those people rely on public assistance for the necessities of life. Then again, that help doesn’t pay the mortgage and/or other long term obligations that those once working people could well afford.

To make a long story short most, people who are unable to provide for themselves usually become homeless and are left to suffer and die on the streets of our Country. They become the victims of other people who could care less if they live or die.

Because of that truth, I reduced my spending amount to the lowest level possible and hope for the time when our Government will force each and every multinational corporation from taking the jobs away from the people within our Country and giving those jobs to Foreigners within Foreign Countries. Tens of millions of jobs have been lost in that way, causing death, grief and suffering to millions of people who would otherwise be perfectly fine today.  

The 2008 crash of our financial markets is a direct result of the above behavior, including the greed of those people who forced the prices of the stock of hundreds of companies to truly non-supportable levels. Those market speculators need money in order to survive within our society and now they are paying the price because they most likely were employed by one of those multinational corporations and couldn’t find any other means of honest employment.

It is true that criminals can be found within all sectors of our society, including our Government. More people need to become more active, politics wise. There must be new legislation to control the greed of the management and the owners of those huge oil companies, as well as put an end to “Job Outsourcing” by the World’s largest multinational corporations.  

As for me, I will just have to make due as best as I can, until a proper balance is restored for the people who earn a paycheck in order to stay as healthy and alive. That is, until God calls each of us to the Hereafter. May we all rest in peace.


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