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Neti Pot – the all natural way to immediately relieve sinus symptoms caused by by colds, flu, allergies and sinusitis. Sinus problems may be the result of allergies, sinus infections, or cold and flu symptoms. No matter the cause, the result is the same, sinus pressure, clogged breathing passageways, dripping nose, sneezing, coughing, wheezing and generally poor breathing. SinuClenase® relieves sinus problems to allow you to breathe instantly! Sinuses are spaces in the bones to the face. There are four sets of sinuses in the cheeks, between the eyes, in the forehead and one in the back of the nose. It is normal for the sinuses to produce thin watery mucus about a quarter day in an average adult. This mucus soothes and duplicates the inside of the nose and throat. The mucus needs to flow out of the sinuses into the nose to small openings connecting the sinuses with the nose. Once in the nose the drainage flows backwards down the throat and swallowed. As long as the mucus stays thin and watery you don’t detect they are running down the back your throat. If the mucus gets think however the sensation of post nasal drip occurs. Thick post nasal drainage can cause throat clearing, clot, bad breath and sometimes even nausea and vomiting.
The sinuses are aligned with microscopic hair called cilia. The moving cilia direct the mucus out of the sinuses and into the nose. The delicate cilia are easily damaged by infection, allowing think mucus to pull in sinuses. This causes feelings of facial pressure and sinus headache. Nasal washes are a way to thin the mucus produced by the nose and sinuses and improve drainage. Nasal washes contain no medications so will not interact with other treatments your doctor recommends. The solution used to wash the nose is important. The lining of the nose is delicate and easily injured.
The SinuCleanse solution has been specifically formulated and medically proven to improve nasal stuffiness and thin nasal mucus. Specially packaged natural ingredients are available in convenient * packets to make fresh solution each time to use SinuCleanse.
Water directly from the facet can be used. The water should be luke warm to the touch, cold or hot water will feel uncomfortable in the nose. Mix the water with the dry ingredients adding water to the line and the side of the SinuCleanse pot and stir until the dry ingredients are completely dissolved.
To use the SinuCleanse pot stand facing the sink put the spout in to one nostril and tilt your head forward so you are looking into the sink. Breath naturally through your nose. Tilt your head away from the pot and lift the handle of the pot pouring the solution into the nostril. In a few moments the solution will begin to drain out of the lower nostril into the sink. Allow the water the water to run completely out of the pot into your nose. The thick mucus in your nose will thin out and the lining of your nose will be smooth and rejuvenated. Once the pot is empty, gently blow the access water and mucus out of the nose into the sink and tissues. Avoid vigorous nose rubbing.
Refill the pot with another packet of SinuCleanse dry ingredients, fill with water and repeat the wash starting the other nostril. With your head into proper position you should be able to breathe comfortably through your mouth during the wash. And the solution should drain into the sink not run down into your throat. The nasal wash can be used every day or more less frequently depending on the individual. Using SinuCleanse will not interfere with the use of other medications or treatments. If your doctor recommends prescription nasal sprays of any kind, the nasal wash should be done before using the spray. Cleaning the mucus out of the nose will allow the medication to be more effective. The SinuCleanse pot is top rack dishwasher safe and periodically be washed to keep it clean.
SinuCleanse was designed for used in people of all ages. Every family member who does nasal washes should have his or her own pot to use to avoid the spread of germs. Nasal washes can be done by anyone capable of blowing his or her nose. Children can do nasal washes with adults assistance and supervision.
If you are experiencing difficulty or discomfort doing a nasal wash or you are experiencing nose bleeds, pain or drainage still persists you should see your doctor rather than continuing the washes. For more information on the Neti Pot visit our website at SinuCleanse dot com. Med-Systems, Inc., was founded in 1997 by Dr. Diane Heatley, a leading ear, nose and throat physician based in Madison, Wisconsin and Dave Gallo. One of Dr. Heatley’s nurses, who was studying yoga at the time, introduced the neti pot nasal wash to Dr. Heatley. Intrigued, 
Dr. Heatley began using it in her practice and now recommends it nearly every day to both children and adults who suffer from sinus disease. Trust Sinucleanse and the Neti Pot for an all natural remedy for sinus problems.

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