Nissan Gtr 2012

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The New Nissan GTR 2012 is one of the search car in the internet today. Nissan GTR just came out for viewing last January this year.

People are thinking that it looks like the old Nissan GTR well it is for the most part but they did a good job on a lot in a very settle way. 2012 Nissan GTR has more horse power rides a lot better and much more comfortable and far more accessible than the average person behind the wheel.

Comparison between Nissan GTR 2012 vs. Nissan GTR 2011. the GTR 2012 is much more comfortable and drivable you feel you can do this without beating yourself up feels like you can make it in 24 hours race. the next thing you will notice that it has a lot more horse power it goes to 485 horse power to 530 horse power all of it going to all four wheels. the shift come out 1500 in a seconds which is very fast compare to 2011 gtr.

The Nissan Gtr 2012 is a not a whole model change over but the price go up a few thousands dollars but its still under 90,000 United State Dollars which makes us ask our self can we pay this big amount of money. Well if you have the money and the enthusiasm to get this car why not.


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