An Ordinary Man

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Once there was a man, an ordinary man. As he was an ordinary man so he had an ordinary name John Doe. He was an ordinary student, perhaps average or above average. He use to follow the orders of his parents; in fact everyone. He wanted to keep everyone happy. As he was an ordinary man so like ordinary people he went through the school then college and then finally when he was done with his studies he started doing a job, an ordinary job. He worked aimlessly through his day and night in order to keep his house running. Being an ordinary man he married to ordinary girl. After a year he was blessed with a two sons, twins. This was the first unordinary thing that happened in his life. He brought up his sons like an ordinary father. His wife being an ordinary girl happened to be an ordinary mother as well. She knew how to cook and how to feed their children. No more and no less. But being a mother she was very kind to her sons, fulfilling all of their wishes and desires. They were ordinary parents, just ordinary; nothing special about them. And one day they both died. Well, this story is not about them because they were ordinary. A story is always meant for those who are extra-ordinary.
This story is about the twin sons of John Doe. One of them followed the footsteps of his father and started working. Gradually and slowly he reached to point where he could afford a good car and nice house and he married to a girl who was rich as well. In short, life had opened a new era of success upon him. He worked really hard in order to maintain the success. He worked harder and harder. He was so much busy in his life that he really did not have enough time to spend with his family and friends. He settled himself with the fast moving life. The ultimate goal of his life was to reach at the top.
His brother on the other hand was an ordinary guy. He wasn’t good at anything except to follow his dreams. He did what he wanted to do. He was painter by profession. He used to paint the houses and street walls on alternate days. The money he got was spent on other people and on his family. He considered himself blessed when he got meal two times a day. He remained poor throughout his life. He exhausted his life in nothing but to follow what his heart said to him. He spent enormous time with his family and friends. This was the only thing he was good at. Luck does not favor those who do not avail it.
Days, month’s years and then decades passed both grew old. One still spent time with his lap top and the other spent time in painting the walls. One day the painter got ill. He had no money to spend on his health. His parents passed away ages ago and he was not in contact with his brother. Moreover, he did not like people taking pity on him. One day his brother came to know that he is ill and is on verge of death. He came to see him. He saw his brother in rat tags and felt very bad for him. He said that you did not work hard when there was time. Now, look at you; you do not have anything to pay for the medical bills etc. why did you spend a life like this? We both got the same opportunity, then why not you? Hurry up, answer me. I have to attend the meeting and if I didn’t attend it then I might lose a billion dollars deal. His brother opened his eyes and said I am contented with what I have got. I have spent a life in my own way and if I ever I have another life then again I will spend it in the same manner. You know nothing how it feels like when you ride on a bicycle. I feel like that i am the best and what I have not everyone is that lucky to have it. You are not aware of the pleasure I got when my wife is sitting with me on my bicycle and I felt like there is no such beautiful thing like this life and i am blessed with such a moment that i have my loved one holding me from the back to support me what i am doing. I felt no guilt and shame in driving the bicycle like that. And i bet you cannot do this. And you will die with shame. I feel like flying when i drive it in the rain. I love when dirt touches my face because I am going to be buried in the same dirt. I was happy and I am happy and I am satisfied. Then he closed his eyes. A bright smile on his face came. He seemed to be in peace, Forever


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