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Coping With Eating Disorders

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In today’s world, the way a person looks is very important. Good looking people get preference among others in all walks of life. One of the most important factors in looking good is being thin. The pressure of having to look thin leads to a number of eating disorders. These eating disorders are psychological disorders caused by the pressures of trying to have a good body image. Eating disorders include Anorexia, Bulimia, compulsive eating disorder and binge eating and they can be cured by eating disorder counseling.

Anorexia is an eating disorder in which patients, in an attempt to be very thin, deprive themselves of food. They either starve themselves or throw up whatever they eat. The disease is characterized by extreme weight loss. Bulimia is an eating disorder, in which people tend to consume large amounts of food in a short span of time, and then throw up whatever they have eaten. Compulsive eating disorder is a disorder in which a person is not able to control the amount of food that he/she eats. The person also eats throughout the day, in short intervals of time. They keep fantasizing about food and about eating alone. Binge eating disorder is similar to compulsive eating. The patient consumes large amounts of food. Therapy for an eating disorder is the solution by which these diseases can be eliminated.

Eating disorders can cause a number of health problems such as heart diseases, kidney damage, and damage to digestive system, severe dental problems, anxiety and depression. But having such disorders is not end of the world. These diseases can be cured with a little support from family and friends and a little will power. There are a number of rehabilitation centers around the world which provide eating disorder counseling and appropriate treatments for all kinds of eating disorders. The first step towards recovery for anyone with an eating disorder will be asking for help. With the help of family and friends they can then approach a rehabilitation centre and come under the care of experienced health professionals.

Therapy for an eating disorder will include long term treatment programs, which include individual and group counseling. These programs will also include family counseling, along with counseling on nutrition and medications to support the treatment. Treatments will also include behavioral techniques to eliminate the eating disorder and counseling on stress management. Psychologists will assist patients through therapy, in creating a healthy body image and in instilling confidence and a zest for life.

So guys go ahead and discuss your problems with a loved one and don’t hesitate in asking for help. Forget the scale, stay active and progress towards a healthier and happy life.


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