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My family just got back from a wonderful and fun-filled vacation and honestly, none of us wanted the vacation to come to an end. However, we all had work to attend to and the children had to go back to school. I had planned the vacation with my wife a few months back and it ended just the way we wanted. The kids had some pending assignments to work on during the holidays so we cut our vacation short by a week so that they could come back and finish their work before school re-opened. I promised to help my kids with their assignments. My two kids, Angel and Jake, are 9 and 12. They didn’t waste time after we got back and soon, they got busy with their assignments. Angel was giving final touches to the projects that she had prepared while Jake was busy working on the computer, browsing for some pictures for his Geography project.

After some time Jake came up to me and asked me to help him in getting printouts of the pictures that he had selected for his project. He showed me all the images he had downloaded from the Internet with full enthusiasm. He had saved them in a folder under his name on the desktop. I was quite impressed with his work. I switched on the printer that was connected to the computer Jake was working on. I selected all the images that had to be printed and gave the print command. Nothing happened. I checked for all the cable connections and then gave it another try. All it did was make some weird sounds but still no sign of any printouts. I also checked the printer cartridges to see if the ink had ran out, but noticed that the cartridges were almost full.

We started getting a little worried. I fiddled around with the settings on my computer and tried to figure out what was wrong. When I decided that the problem was over my head, I decided to look for a solution online. While Jake sat along with me, I searched for some information or a possible solution to get the printer to work again. While browsing through various websites over the Internet, I chanced upon this company called iYogi. It had a tech support domain on printers and I found their website pretty impressive. When I checked out their service charges, it looked quite reasonable to me. It didn’t take me long to seek technical assistance from this company.

I probed deeper into iYogi’s website and opened the ‘chat now’ option available and started to type in my details, when asked for, to initiate a chat session with a tech expert. After I had provided the details, a technician introduced himself to me and asked me to verify the details that I had mentioned. After verifying every single detail, he enquired about the problem I was facing with my computer and I quickly poured out all the relevant information he wanted instantly. He then, asked me a couple of more questions with regard to my printer which included the make, model, brand etc. He registered the details and thereafter, asked me to allow him the access to my computer screen, which I promptly did. Soon, I could see that he had started to work on my computer and in minutes, he managed to fix the problem. He also took the trouble to take a test print in order to confirm that everything was back in place. He then asked me to check if I could take printouts myself now. I selected an image from the ones Jake had saved on the desktop and gave it the command to print. I got a flawless picture! Jake couldn’t help concealing his excitement when he saw his pictures finally coming to life on paper! I thanked the iYogi technician for the job well done and closed the chat window.

Author’s Bio:  Frank Kern is 30 years and works for a reputed advertising agency. He is married and lives with his wife and two children. A complete workaholic, Frank is addicted to perform at his best, but gives time to his family as well. He likes to think and stay ahead of time. He loves traveling, reading, playing online games and capturing beautiful moments of his family with his camera.

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