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Ergonomic Chairs

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Many decent looking leather or vinyl covered chairs are now available and many are relatively cheap, however there is some research to suggest that such chairs create too much heat around the body. In days gone by cane office chairs provided a good airflow which is especially important for males. Today’s hot seats may even damage fertility. Chairs like the Aeron encourage air flow but still may not offer the range of posture variety that is needed. 

Since many of us spend many hours sitting in a chair it is worth it to spend an hour or two in a specialist chair shop to explore the range of different types of chair available. There is now a very wide choice. Around 30 years ago Achille Castiglione designed a funny seat which was made to be used near the phone. It had the seat of a bicycle attached to a shaft and the shaft was attached to a rolling dome. Sitting on this seat was actually mildly uncomfortable therefore one tended only to sit for a short time, therefore keeping the phone bill low. 

This simple idea had given birth to a range of active seating which encourages movement while sitting. There is actually software that can be used which tells you when you should get up from a normal chair and stretch, or one can use a chair which makes movement, including stretching and wriggling, an automatic part of normal sitting. A saddle seat is good for females as it encouages a natural sitting posture, like riding a horse. This enables the legs to be in an open position, builds muscle strength and encourages good circulation. Males apparently do not like to sit in these so long. Fully exploringthe range of specialist seating now available may lead you to think you could like to have quite a few different seating arrangements for different applications in the home or the office. 

One of the top of the range chairs is the Hag Capisco. This chair has a number of features which other styles do not have.  The seat is halfway between a regular seat and a saddle which is better for male sitters. The back support is narrow and arm supports enable the spine to be stretched backwards like one might use a fence to relax against when taking a walk. the shape of the chair lets the elbows go back furthur than the body so the spine can arch backwards. This movement counteracts time spent leaning over a table. The Capisco also allows sitting sideways with good posture and one can even sit back to front with the body supported by the back rest. Reading and working in this position is possible with pressure completely off the back. 

Buying ergonomic chairs can be expensive so it is a good idea to try in a specialist shop before you buy to make sure you get the one which is the best for you.


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