Games Review – Runescape

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RuneScape is a browser based Massively Multi-player Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) developed by Jagex Games Studios in January 2001.  At any point in time, more than 100,000 people are playing this game all over the world; and the number is increasing.  The game has more than 10 million active accounts and nearly 200 servers located all over the globe.  

Unlike other games, it is very easy to start playing RuneScape.  All that you have to do it to create an account in their website.  You can easily locate RuneScape client on their official website.  After you fire it up, the game will download a few files.  Surprisingly it does not take long.  Once the download is complete, you are all set to begin the adventure!  No wonder this game has become popular.  

RuneScape involves killing monsters, completing quests and getting treasure.  You can start RuneScape with the tutor.  There you can learn the basic skills.  There are 25 skills involved in this game.  These skills include mining, fishing, woodcutting etc.  You can customize your character.  Your character moves around on foot or using other modes of transport, like for example a charter ship, in the fantastic world of Gielinor.  Your character will be equipped with various spells and other devices.  You need to use these to reach your goal.  What makes this game exciting is that your character gains power as you play along well.  But when the health points come down to zero, the character dies.  Combating plays an important part in the game.  Another speciality of this game is that there is no linear story line.  Gamers can set their own goals.  This is one of the reasons of the game’s popularity.  Chat facility allows players to communicate with each other, making the gaming experience more exciting.  

May be because this is a browser based game, the graphics are not that great, but they are easy on the eyes.  But the advantage is that you can do other things while you may be playing this game.    Members get regular game updates.  

You may visit the game’s website and go in quest of your treasure!  All the best!! 


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