Just The Two of us

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A simple thing to remind myself of how lucky I am to be with you.

It’s been a year since we started going out. And Valentine’s day is over as well. And yet I can’t seem to shake this feeling I have for you. I’m giddy with emotion. I love you.

It’s funny how things seem to work out in life.

I was down and out for two years. I didn’t want anything except to work and be successful in life.

That meant relationships were out of the question.

Girls came and went and I didn’t feel anything at all. Although I hate to admit it, there were many.

I didn’t even feel any regret after they left me. I just went my own merry way.

My band was building momentum and I was doing very well managing my own call center team. I was the golden boy. I was the man who had ideas. I was on top of the game.

And then you came into my life.

I hardly noticed.

I was afraid.

I didn’t want to expect anything.

I didn’t want to fall.

And yet I did.

And I fell hard.

I was scared of what I felt.

I hadn’t felt it in a long time.

I swallowed hard.

And took the plunge.

It was a long and ardous task to win you over.

To make you see that I was capable of change.

That I would not hurt you.

That I was not who they said I was.

And here we are now.

Just the two of us.

And this is how I want my whole life to be.

Beside you.


Just the two of us.




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