Saturday, December 16

Maximus And His New Booties

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Remember my girlfriend’s shihtzu? Well he’s back and cuter than ever!

We bought new booties for him from the local pet shop Animal House located in Aurora Boulevard.

We would’ve bought him these booties months ago if not for the lack of funds caused by car repairs and business related purchases.

He walked funny in them the first time. He was lifting his paws up and down and trying to shake them off at the beginning.

This time, when we put it on him, he seemed more comfortable with them on. After a few seconds of adjustment, Max was walking fine. And urinating all over the place.

Maybe he wanted to show his dislike for this new fashion accessory.

He was already running around in a few minutes while I frantically chased after him in the confined space.

It seems to work well in the smooth, tiled floors of the clinic. Not so much on hard, rough, concrete. We noticed that whenever we held back on him or he started to pick up his pace, his shoes would fall off.

And we’d be running after him and also stooping to pick up his booties.

A few minutes outside and his booties are off. And his tail’s wagging and his tongue lolling about.

Max is a cute little puppy and we don’t know what to do with him.

and his booties.

We like it but I don’t think he does.

He looks happy in this pic though.



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