When I Grow Old, I Want my Own Karmann Ghia

This love for volkswagen beetles is not confined to the bug per se. I seem to admire all shapes and forms that Volkswagen made. My favorite of course will always be the standard beetle.

Many don’t like it because it is “newer” considering it was made past 1967.

I like the front fenders, where instead of sloping at an angle, the headlights are straight and upright.

I also like the Kombi (the van), the Thing and the locally made Sakbayan or country buggy.

There’s the notchback, the fastback and the brasilia which also looks somewhat the same. But to the eyes of a discerning volkswagen enthusiast, they are worlds apart in the looks department.

But my favorite out of all the non- beetle variants would be the Karmann Ghia.

WHere the beetle is all about economical and practical styling, the Karmann Ghia is more of the classy and stylish.

It is also sporty in appearance. sporty and yet elegant.

It has long sweeping lines and compact enough so as not to be cumbersome on the road.

The Karmann is also quite zippy when you’re moving.

When I grow older and my lifestyle demands that I get a classier classic, I will buy a Karmann Ghia.

It will sit perfectly in my future garage as a gem amongst the beetles, volksrods, country buggies, manx, kombis I will have.

To be more realistic, I’ll probably just own a beetle, a kombi and a karmann ghia. but hey, any fool can dream right?



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