Bugs! They're Everywhere!

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They’re everywhere!

Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of beetles on the road. Maybe it’s because i own one, or maybe because the trend is coming back. Or maybe it’s all in my head and they were always there I just ignored them and now that I’m going crazy over bugs again, I’m seeing things.

Whatever it may be, this old cars are here to stay and there are a lot of Filipino owners who seem to love their volkswagens as much as I do.

More and more volkswagen owners are bringing their beloved cars out on the road and showing others just how reliable their small machines are.

They come in all forms and sizes, bright colors, fast moving, slow crawling etcetera!

Since I pretty much have a camera with me all the time thanks to my Nokia C3, I’ve decided to start taking pictures whenever and wherever I can.

I’m going to take on the identity of a VW Paparazzi!

I’ll be snap, snap, snapping away while they drive, drive, drive on our roadways.

No beetle, ghia, fastback, notchback, kombi or brasilia is safe from my lens. And I won’t even have to mention the sakbayans, the dune buggies and the things once I see them. I’ll make it a point to stop and click as if they were fleeting PTC adverts.

I will freeze them in time and share these glorious visions of wonderful machines on our roads today.

Let’s just hope I don’t run out of Volkswagens to take pictures of.

And I know there are more than enough VW fanatics out there who are also clicking while bugs zoom their way.

I also have a camera that I use every now and then when I find the chance to borrow it from my brother, it’s a canon d1000. I borrow it to make me look more professional, bad thing is, it’s kinda heavy on the neck, but the pictures are spectacular.

They’re clear and crisp.

Here are a few bugs I caught on cam.




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