Monday, December 11

How to Make Mothers-In-Law Like You?

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1. It is right to honor mothers-in-law.

Though mothers-in-law do not bring you up, they brought your husbands up. Since you love your husbands, you should understand the emotions that husbands to your mothers-in-law and honor them together with husbands. Please smile to mothers-in –law and chat with them often. If you treat your mothers-in-law well, your husbands will treat your parents well naturally.

2. Do not too intimate before mothers-in-law

Though husbands and wives are accustomed to such kinds of communication ways, old persons are old persons. They have traditional beliefs, so please pay attention to this.

3.Care about your husbands’ emotions when you give advice and suggestions 

When referring to the matters of husbands’ family, you are sure to give advice and suggestions to your husbands, please make sure that you care your husband’s emotion and Cultivate a pleasant, persuasive voice. Though you are not willing in your heart, do not speak directly. When you are willing to help but unable to do so, please comfort your husbands more. 

4. Do not boss your husbands before mothers-in-law

It is easy to understand this. Think in another way, if your parents live at your home, your husband boss you do this and do that, what is the mood of your parents? They will think you live a hard life at home. Mothers-in-law are sure to be unhappy especially in China which is tending to think women are inferior to men.

5. Care for more about mothers-in-law’s daily life

No matter you are willing or unwilling; you must do the surface acting which will make your husband look high upon you. When you want to buy something for your own mother, please remember to buy one for your mothers-in-law. Please pay attention to what they want to eat, whether they are cold or not, spare some time to fulfill their dreams. They will not spend you much expect when they are ill. They love their children more that love themselves and hope you can live a happy life. 

6. Leave sometime to listen to their chatter

Old people like others chat with them. If you are free, please listen to them. If she loves chattering, please let them do it. They can tell you the difficulties of bring up their son. And if it is necessary, please say some kind words to them. They will feel you and them are a family. When they own you, they have daughters.  

7. Mutual understanding

You had better to reach the agreement before mothers-in-law come to live together with you. They think their mothers-in-law are good before they live together. There are insuperable contradictions when they really live together. We should realize these contradictions are unavoidable. Please remember that you should communicate with your husbands well and let him tell your mother-in-law in advance. if you can not bear something when live together, you can let your husband tell them.

8. Let bygones be bygones

It is avoidable the little thing when you live together. Do not bear everything in mind and let bygones be bygones.  


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