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How to Manage Wholesale Jewelry Handmade Jewelry Business And Make Money

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There aren’t enough hours in the day; something has to give but what can you do? You are working every day morning till night with blinders on, catching a couple hours sleep and doing it all again, over and over. The days all blend together, another month is gone; how did that happen? All work and no play makes for a much stressed out family life, if there is any room at all for your family and friends. Success is a tightrope and when it feels like the rope is going to break something has to change and quickly.

Handmade bracelets handcrafted in unique jewelry designs

You have to decide what want to do most, what makes you happy. Do you like dealing with customers or do you enjoy creating Handmade Jewelry? I personally have always enjoyed the creating side of the coin, the other side of the coin has to be taken care of as well. Selling unique jewelry and receiving complements on them from customers has been the source of the inspiration and encouragement. All these great complements make the work into fun and never felt like a hard work. I guess, that is the key a successful business, or anything you do. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, it never feels like a hard work instead it feels like fun. There is never harder thing to do doing something that you do not want to, then it will be more difficult to be good at it.

Selling handmade jewelry can be a fun way to turn a hobby into a profitable enterprise. With hard work and research, it’s easy to make some money making handmade earrings. Advertising in real life is one of the most surefire ways to get customers. Telling friends and relatives ensures word of mouth publicity and can help build some initial sales and feedback. Putting up flyers are coffee shops, grocery store bulletins, and other similar areas is also a good way to get publicity. Put up a few business cards so that people can take them. After creating a decently attractive storefront and stocking it, it’s important to be thorough in advertising. Advertising in real life is one of the most surefire ways to get customers.

Finding handmade jewelry distributors reduces the amount of time you have to deal with customers, sales, marketing, packing, shipping, invoicing, collection and accounting. The one-man-show gets some back-up singers!

Now there is enough time to focus on designs, new items and production. Getting back to doing what you enjoy will give you new energy and enthusiasm for your business and all other aspects of your life. Everyone needs time away from work; refreshing your mind and soul traveling or spending quality time with family and friends only increase your productivity and creativity.

Sometimes a successful wholesale jewelry business just sneaks up on you overwhelming your life. It took years to realize that one person cannot be responsible for everything. In any type of business you must delegate the work so that the business is working for you. Choose what you like to do and outsource what do not enjoy. Life is a balance; work should not overshadow all other areas. After all, isn’t that why you are in business for yourself?

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