Monday, December 11

App Review: Swype

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If you own a touchscreen device and are experiencing typing troubles, Swype might just be the application for you.

Swype is an input method which brings innovation to typing on a touchscreen mobile. The application once downloaded allows you to sweep a finger across the keyboard to the letters you need to make a word, which the software then interprets into the word you wanted.

For example to type Swype, you need to put a finger at S and sweep to W, then to Y, then P and then E.

A blue line follows the path your finger traces on the keyboard. Even if the trace goes over the wrong key, Swype recognises the intended word or offers you a list a words to choose from incase other combinations are available. Typing the word in the regular way adds it to the dictionary.

This system enables faster and easier text input and also keeps the error rate low.

Interestingly the application has been developed by Cliff Kushler, one of the brains behind the T9 dictionary which most of us use in our phones.

We used the application of Samsung Galaxy S (on which it comes pre loaded) and the Nokia N8 (the application is available on Ovi store for free). Swype worked well on both.


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