What to do With Erectile Dysfunction

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Get to the doctor

Only the doctor can help you with it. You can’t help yourself that much so get to the doctor and ask him for help. If sex is still a part of your life then get help but if you are older and you don’t care then ED isn’t an emergency and it’s not that unhealthy either. It just means that you have lower sexual desire.

Reduce stress

Stress can make you feel down and not that desirable when it comes to it. It’s harder to perform when you’re stressed out. You should reduce your stress level and see how you can get better. This includes having the right environment and does it at the right time. If you try it right after a hard day at work, it might not work.

Your partner

If you have been problems with your partner, you can’t possibly get in the mood. If it’s the partner that’s the problem then it’s time to work things out with that partner. If you have way too much problems with them, it’s time for you to seek a new partner.


If you don’t sleep enough, it could lower your testosterone level, making you less desirable when it comes to the matter. You should get enough sleep, anywhere from 7-8 hours per day.

Eat seafood

Seafood will help improve your libido, like fish or oysters.

Take gingko or fish oil

Some have said that Gingko works for them or fish oil, because it increases blood flow to your body. It works for some but it doesn’t mean that you should not talk to a doctor before taking them. Before taking any sort of supplements, you will need to talk to a doctor before taking them.


Acupuncture will also help for some people. You can give it a try but it doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone.


Exercise will help you increase your mood, reduce stress, and increase testosterone production. It’s a good solution for some people. It also helps improve blood flow to your body which will help you improve sexual desires.


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