Golden West College Review

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Golden West College is located in Huntington Beach. It’s a great junior college. You will like it. I went there for three years and I couldn’t complain. The professors are professional and the class is great and I learn a whole lot. I had fun and meet a lot of friends. There are all sort of fun program there. You will really enjoy it. You will get a good campus experience along with making good friends and enjoying your education. The tuition is about $15 a unit which is pretty inexpensive.

It’s located next to many shopping centers, Kinko across the street, and many other shopping center across the street. It’s convenient. You can also find affordable housing around here. The campus is clean and nice. There are student unions and plenty of hang out places. It’s located on Golden West street, the beach is about 15 minutes away, so you can always head to the beach when you’re tired.

Golden West College is the second most famous junior college in OC. Many students transfer successfully from this junior college. You will really like it. It’s easy to succeed here. The professors are professional and nice enough. I took many classes here and I really enjoy my professors. You will like it too. You should give it a shot. It’s much easier than OCC. They have all sorts of pre-majors here but also a great AA program. You will really find it helpful to attend this college. They have nursing, cosmetology, automotive programs that are just wonderful.


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