Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol Level

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Exercise is the best medicine. You should exercise as much as possible and try to lose weight. Over weight problems can cause a lot of cholesterol and bring on other diseases. You should start out slowly and try to include half an hour of work out daily. Rigorous exercise like aerobic is very good for your health.

Eat whole grain

Whole grain helps lower bad cholesterol and also increase fiber in your diet which helps you feel fuller and eat less but also help in digestion. You should try whole grain like whole grain wheat or oatmeal.

Reduce stress

Stress can increase high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause fatal heart problems later on and even death or stroke. You should get rid of all mental stress as much as possible.

Avoid saturated fats

Saturated fats are very bad for your heart.

Eat fish

Fish will help improve heart health. You should eat plenty of fish because it’s low in fats and high in Omega 3.


Nuts will help raise your good cholesterol hdl and lower your bad cholesterol ldl.

Avoid oily food

Oily food can clog your arteries. You should eat boil or bake food instead of fried food. Oil is very unhealthy for you. You should avoid oily food at all cost.


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